We provide innovative technology solutions and managed IT services you can depend on.

Your IT Should Make Your Business Better, Not Cause You Problems

Dealing with IT problems is exhausting, slows your business down and impacts your bottom line. You want to run a successful business and deliver a great service, the last thing you need is your IT getting in the way.  

At Auroratech, we understand the true impact of mediocre technology letting you down. It leads to missed  opportunities, lost productivity, unnecessary costs and under-informed decisions that stunt the growth of your  business.  

Unlike most Managed Service Providers, we don’t just look at technology problems through an IT lens. 

We take the time to understand the bigger picture – your business, your specific objectives and your unique way of  operating – and provide technology solutions that support your operational and strategic priorities on your path to  growth. 

You can then get on with growing your business the way you want to, knowing you can depend on your IT to help you  get there. 

Accelerate Your Business Growth with the right IT

From general IT support through to infrastructure upgrades and system integrations, our team of experts will deliver reliable solutions that help you grow your business.

  • Voice & Data Solutions

    Stay connected to customers and suppliers with high quality internet, business phones and video conferencing solutions.


    Get your systems talking to each other to drive efficiencies in your


    Have peace of mind your technology is in good hands as we proactively manage, monitor, protect and improve your network and systems.

  • Business Systems and Data Security

    Protect your business from cybersecurity threats with our full suite of enterprise grade solutions from a market leading security vendor.

We’re Not Just Passionate About Technology We’re Passionate About Your Business

Our “understand your business first” approach provides you with quality technology solutions that help your business thrive.

  • Eliminate the stress of technology problems
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Achieve your business goals with scalable technology solutions
  • Enhance your customers’ experience
  • Improve your operations and workflow with technology that has your back
  • Over 20 years helping businesses grow their business through technology

  • Thousands of IT problems solved by our products & services

  • We partner with industry leading vendors to deliver quality scalable solutions

Stop Being Restricted by Technology Problems

  • 1

    Schedule a call to discuss your IT challenges and business goals.

  • 2

    Get recommendations tailored to your business.

  • 3

    We implement solutions that solve your technology and business problems.

  • 4

    Grow your business with technology you can depend on.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“We’ve saved time and money with our technology. Auroratech looked at where we were and where we wanted to be in 3-5 years and implemented solutions to support our growth. Everything is fit for purpose.”

Cameron Dart


“We didn’t realise how inefficient our systems were until we engaged Auroratech. They diagnosed the problems and implemented solutions with professionalism and without fuss or business interruption. I recommend Auroratech to any business owner looking for a business-wide IT solution provider.”

Tim Woodhouse